Saran dan kritik sangat saya harapkan dari Anda ke saya, tentunya yang bersifat membangun  untuk kepentingan dunia khususnya negara Indonesia ini.


4 Balasan ke BUKU TAMU

  1. bernard berkata:

    dear sir, I am looking for data of number of installed/used diesel pumps for irrigation in Indonesia. I can’t find the data anywhere. Could you help? BCastermans@winrock.org

    • gravekor berkata:

      To Mr. Bernard
      Basically I want to help you advance Winrock International, my blog is my personal research. On their own initiative. Indeed, I have done research relating to agricultural irrigation technology. Especially in my personal country is Indonesia. About irrigation in Indonesia I do not know exactly. Since my goal to collect irrigation modeling in Indonesia with the category of the most efficient technology that does not use fuel.
      It is the purpose for the future sustainability of the world as well. But what is most important: my country first.
      If only Mr. Bernard would like to use photographs of research results that I got. I invite it. To be sure I am doing this research is still in the process of completeness in the future
      By the way, happy to meet with you. Maybe a friend can also be a sharing of irrigation technology in the world.

      O yes. If not know where you live now. I myself live in Yogyakarta Indonesia

  2. Ichromy Yusuf berkata:

    Baru dalam tahap penelitian juga pak PLTS Satellite, cerobong surya, dan kolam surya yang bebas polutan dan ramah lingkungan

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